The Return of the Great Flyer

The first novel in the Flying Furniture Series, The Return of the Great Flyer is about magical flying furniture and their balloons, good versus evil, the power of believing in oneself. Join The Union Jack and Henry on their high-flying adventures in search of the Golden Pin. Our first Kickstarter campaign is underway. Your pledges will help us share the Flying Furniture’s tale with the world.

The Return of the Great Flyer

About The Book

The Flying Furniture started out as sketches and grew into a small children's book that my husband self-published a few years ago. Living in the UK for a year and , well, life, prevented us from spending a ton of money on our little book. BUT...the idea was so wonderful and England was such a fantastic muse, that we decided to go BIGGER! I am publishing a novel- whew... I said it out loud. There is quite a bit that goes into publishing and let's face it, ink and paper are expensive but there is nothing like holding a fresh, new book in your hand. You are excited to crack open that crisp, bright, fantastic cover and see what adventures await you on each page. For all the readers and lovers of books out there, take a peek at what’s below to learn a little more about The Adventures of the Flying Furniture and my quest to make my dream, a reality...

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And so begins our tale of the Flyers, the Balloons and the struggle to maintain strength in the face of adversity. Join Henry, Jack, Lucy, Peter, August and the Order of the Flyer as they battle the nefarious Roman Hatfield for control of the skies over London and for the freedom of its citizens.

The Return of the Great Flyer Authors
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Book Author and Creator

Kathryn Day-McCutcheon, author, is a native of Shreveport , Louisiana and currently resides in Dallas, Texas. She is a visual artist and illustrator with a Bachelor of Art Degree in Studio Art and Graphic Design from Louisiana State University and Master of Art in Studio Art from Middlesex University in London, United Kingdom. She enjoys gouache and pen and ink illustrations, reading, Halloween, gardening and spending time with family. The Adventures of the Flying Furniture: The Return of the Great Flyer is her first novel.

J. Ryan McCutcheon, Flying Furniture Adventures’ creator, is also a native of Shreveport, Louisiana and currently resides with his wife Kathryn and son in Dallas, Texas. Ryan is the owner and principle artist of JRyanArtist art production firm. He has a degree in Telecommunications and Animation and enjoys travelling, spending time in the workshop, learning new things, bacon, and wearing grey. Ryan created the original Flying Furniture images in 2012 after his and Kathryn’s first trip to London.

Kathryn & Ryan McCutcheon

Flying Furniture Novel

Book Description

Meet Henry Worthen, an eccentric young inventor living in Victorian London, who is a bit without direction in his adult life. We are introduced to Henry’s family; mother, Mary Turlington, stepfather, Lord Alistair Turlington, and stepbrother, Captain August Turlington at a gala in honor of August’s homecoming and celebration of his military heroics. Readers see Henry as an outcast who lives just outside of his mother’s elite social circle.

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Henry receives an unexpected delivery from two mysterious gentlemen both whith odd tattoos of a chair with outstretched wings. Henry spends time pondering the contents and origin of the large crate delivered to his clock loft. In this chapter, Henry meets Lucy Martin for the first time.

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Meet the Union Jack, a quirky old Queen Anne chair with a large vermillion and gold hot air balloon. As Jack enters Henry’s life, extraordinary things begin to happen. Henry suspects life as he knows it, will never be the same again. We join Henry on his first flight and introduction to a magical world hidden just behind the veil of reality.

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